Welcome to The Copper Penny House

About Us

Pennies as Obsession

We took on this renovation project, resurrecting a dilapidated miner's cabin and making it into a sweet little vacation rental. The concept of using pennies for the back splash seemed like an easy and economical application. Little did we know it would become an obsession!

And it Went On and On and On...

We are artists by trade and admittedly, maybe a bit obsessive/compulsive. Taking this run-down, neglected miner's shack became a labor of love. We found we just couldn't stop! We even faced the stairs up to the bedroom with pennies!

But There's More to it Than Copper Pennies

We really had fun renovating every inch of the space, trying to keep some of the quirky, mining cabin feel, yet still providing all the bells and whistles that our guests enjoy.